What the Technician Seal of Safety Means for You!

The Technician Seal of Safety is a promise that your plumbers, HVAC, and service techs are trustworthy and reliableChoosing an HVAC or plumbing company is not always easy—online reviews can be misleading, and it might be hard to find friends or neighbors who can recommend a specific company they’ve used in the past. Fortunately, there are certain things you can look for that will tell you for sure whether the company is reliable. As part of our ongoing dedication to providing excellent service to families in Delaware and Maryland, Peninsula has become part of a new program that guarantees the trustworthiness and quality of our team—the Technician Seal of Safety!

What is the Technician Seal of Safety?

The Technician Seal of Safety is a promise that the oil and propane techs, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and garbage and recycling collectors at Peninsula are:

  • Drug-tested
  • Background checked
  • Professionally trained and licensed

This seal, and the program it represents, is part of Peninsula’s continuing mission to protect your family’s well-being while providing the best home services we can. One thing people don’t always think about when they hire a contractor is how they’ll feel with a stranger in their home, particularly with small children, the elderly, the disabled, or anyone else concerned about the safety of their family members and belongings. The Technician Seal of Safety is a guarantee that your technician will be polite, courteous, and most of all, trustworthy.

Maintaining the Technician Seal of Safety requires upholding stringent standards when it comes to drug testing and background checks for all employees, something not every plumbing, HVAC, or service company wants to be a part of. This makes the Technician Seal of Safety an excellent way to distinguish exceptional contractors from everyone else.

The Technician Seal of Safety is another part of Peninsula’s ongoing commitment to providing the best plumbing, heating, air conditioning, fuel delivery, and refuse collection services along the Delmarva. For more information or to schedule service, call us today!

You can read more about the Technician Seal of Safety at http://www.mysafetyseal.com/


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