Air Conditioner Maintenance in Camden, DE

For decades, Peninsula has been providing air conditioner maintenance in Camden, DE, keeping homes and businesses along the Delmarva Peninsula cool and comfortable all summer long.

With the right care, your air conditioner should last anywhere between 10-15 years or more. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to get your air conditioner the “right care”—just an inspection once a year and an occasional tune-up. Air conditioner maintenance is especially crucial in Camden, DE and all along the Delaware/Maryland peninsula, where summers can be so hot and humid!

If you need air conditioner maintenance in Camden, DE, call Peninsula today—302-629-3001302-629-3001!!

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance in Camden, DE

Lower monthly utility bills – simple things, such as changing an air filter or cleaning a coil, allow the unit to run much more smoothly. And when your air conditioner runs smoothly, it uses less energy.

Fewer breakdowns – the vast majority of air conditioner breakdowns are caused because of lack of maintenance, especially when dirt gets into the system and causes parts to rust and get ruined. By checking your entire AC system, you find problems before they arise.

Warranties – most companies do not accept an air conditioner repair warranty claim if your air conditioner has issues due to lack of maintenance

At Peninsula, our air conditioner maintenance in Camden, DE includes:

  • Checking thermostat calibration
  • Monitoring refrigerant pressure
  • Testing AC starting capabilities
  • Testing air conditioner safety controls
  • Cleaning and/or replacement of standard air filters
  • Cleaning and adjustment of blower components
  • Measuring for correct air flow
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Measuring volts and amps
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Cleaning condensate drain
  • Measuring temperature difference between supply air and return air
  • Application of protective coating
  • Monitoring cooling cycle
  • Inspection of evaporator coil
  • Examination of installation quality
  • Examination of equipment condition area, and clearances
  • Cleaning condenser coil

Air conditioner maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your system so it lasts through many hot, sticky summers here in Camden, DE and along the Delmarva. Whenever you need air conditioner maintenance, call Peninsula!

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  • Worry-free payment plans that respect your budget

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