8 Tips for Saving Energy in the Winter

The winter season tends to bring about a whole lot of good things. The weather is a pleasant change (for a while, at least), the holidays are great, and many of us get to enjoy some time off with family and friends. But the season also tends to hit us all with one big extra expense: energy bills. Looking for ways to keep yours down this year? Good! Because Peninsula is here to fire off some great and easy ways to keep costs down during the cold weather.

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Energy-Saving HVAC Tips

  • Replace your filter often. Furnace and heat pump air filters should be changed every other month at a minimum, and more often if your home is busy (hosting a lot of guests) or if you run your furnace at higher temperatures.
  • Get maintenance asap. One of the primary goals of professional heating maintenance is to help you lower energy costs through electrical and mechanical system optimizations. One of the many reasons yearly heating tune-ups are vital!
  • Use ceiling fans to help keep warm. Running a ceiling fan clockwise (the switch for this is on the base of the fan) pushes heated air back down into rooms, helping them feel much warmer. This way you can drop the thermostat by a degree or two, which can account for a ton of energy each month.
  • Adjust your thermostat. Each degree a system has to warm can mean from 6-12% increased energy or fuel consumption. That means turning the system down while you’re away or asleep can be a big way to save a bundle without sacrificing any comfort. For an even better solution learn a bit about a programmable thermostat!
  • Keep the vents open! Closing your vents to save on heating is a myth! And one that actually makes your system worker harder rather than less, causing your heating costs to increase. Closing vents can also lead to pressure and airflow problems that will cause cold spots and increase your risks for a breakdown.

Electricity Tips

  • Use LED holiday lights. LED lights use an average of 10% of the energy that traditional bulbs use. Ten percent! That’s a ton less power wasted keeping your trees lit and halls decked. Plus LEDs tend to outlive their less efficient counterparts by years.
  • Unplug unused devices. Even if your television, tablet, or computer is powered “off” it still uses a small amount of energy as long as they’re plugged in. This is called vampire draw or phantom load, and it can cost you a lot of cash unnecessarily.
  • Simplify your cooking. When cooking this holiday plan dishes that can be cooked together, like throwing in your turkey with the yams. Sharing cook times drastically lessens your oven use. And if you didn’t know ovens eat a ton of power. Up to 2,000-3,000 watts!

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