Are Programmable Thermostats Worth It?

To satisfy our need to save, we employ a wide range of tools, appliances, quality of life improvements, and more. And tons of them center on HVAC systems, which makes sense, considering they account for over 40% of the average home’s energy consumption.

Today the team at Peninsula wants to tackle one such quality of life tool: the programmable thermostat. Are they worth the purchase, or just fad-worthy junk? Find out now!

How a Programmable Thermostat Works

Basically what it says on the tin. A programmable thermostat is a piece of smarthome technology that can be programmed in order to execute slightly sophisticated plans regarding temperature adjustments. Or in plain English, you can set it and forget it. Once set up, the thermostat can lower the temperature in the evenings or while you’re away, or make small adjustments throughout the day according to your tastes. More advanced models can even learn your preferences, provide energy consumption reports, and alerts.

The Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

The major advantage advertised is how a programmable thermostat can save you money. The ideal is that by streamlining adjustment processes and dropping or increasing temperatures while at work or asleep, the thermostat lessens the energy load on your cooling and heating systems, thus saving you some cash.

The full array of benefits include:

  • Energy savings. By having your HVAC system only use energy as-needed rather than running too cool or too hot all the time, the system helps you use up less electricity or fuel, which translates to direct resource saving.
  • Comfort consistency.  Once the unit is in full-swing you’ll never experience temperature fluctuations, uneven heating or cooling, or those late-night chills that tend to come in the evenings in the Maryland and Delaware areas.
  • Convenience. Like we said before, it’s just set it and forget it. In order to achieve the same benefits that a programmable unit would provide you would practically have to be glued to the thermostat, which isn’t something most of us are willing to do.

And the Argument Against Them

That’s right, we’re going full disclosure here. So what do experts say against programmable thermostats? The most common argument is that you could do all of this on your own, making adjustments manually as needed. And this has some measure of verity to it. But it’s just not realistic at all.

We have work, we go on vacations, we forget, and we can be too worn out to get up and fiddle with thermostat settings. And each time any of these things happens, you lose out. This is the beauty of a programmable thermostat. You don’t have to miss out.  You just get the benefits.

The one other argument we see is that folks don’t get the benefits they expect, but the most commonly reported cause of this is inappropriate use of the thermostat, or failing to actually program the thing. Read your manual, folks, then you get all of the great perks!

Thermostat and Comfort Control Systems in MD and DE

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