How to Avoid Basement Flooding from Snow Melt

Everyone loves a good snow, or maybe even two. But while winter’s most beautiful phenomenon is fun to look at it can also cause a few frustrating hazards. Chief among them? Basement flooding. Follow along with the plumbing pros at Peninsula while we detail the easiest methods of preventing snow melt floods!

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Essential Winter Basement Flooding Basics

We won’t lie; some of this stuff is going to take some time and energy. But don’t sweat it too much, since most of the work is in the preparation.

  • Inspect the slope of your landscape. The ideal landscape for dealing with any kind of water movement is one that slopes away from the foundation. And preferably into a drainage system of some sort, whether it be the city’s or something like a french drain.
  • Check your plantings and near home plantings. While your springtime perennials may look great, they can pose some troubles, too. If you laid out some insulating mulch be sure it’s not creating unnecessary grades or slopes on the landscape that could send melt to the foundation.
  • Check for structural weaknesses. If you’ve been putting off cracks or gouges in your foundation now is the time to get that addressed. Water getting into cracks can not only lead to basement flooding, but it can also make the cracks widen and get far worse as moisture freezes and expands in them.
  • Inspect your gutters. There’s going to be plenty of snow and ice on your roof, too, so be certain your gutters are free, clear, and ready to divert melt away from your home’s exterior walls and foundation.
  • Start shoveling. No one loves doing it, but sometime sa good shovel is the only answer. Add shoveling around the foundation to your must-do list, and be sure to crop the snow back at least five feet from the base of your home.

Have a Backup Plan in Place

Sometimes even the best laid plans and safeguards just aren’t enough. Be sure to have a backup plan in place! In the Delaware and Maryland areas, that means have a sump pump installed. These sunk-in-well pumps detect when water begins infiltrating and respond by engaging a pump system that carries the water safely back out of the basement. They’re a minimal investment and they can save you hundreds or more in repair costs and property loss.

A proper sump pump installation is hands-down the best way to deal with any kind of moisture intrusion, be it snow melt or a rough storm come the warmer seasons.

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