Benefits of Oil Heating in Maryland & Delaware Homes

Winters can get pretty cold in Maryland and Delaware. When it is cold outside, all a person wants is to get inside where it is warm. Having reliable heat is a must for the Maryland and Delaware winters. One of the safest, most reliable and most energy efficient ways to heat your home is with heating oil.

The Advantages of Heating Your MD or DE Home with Oil

There are plenty of reasons that oil heating is still one of the most popular methods of home heating on the East Coast! At Peninsula, we recommend oil heating for the following reasons.

You can heat your home with oil no matter where you live.

A dedicated utility line is unnecessary for oil heat. If your home is “off the beaten path,” and does not have easy access to all utilities, oil is a great alternative as it can be delivered by truck. In fact, Peninsula offers oil delivery to homes in Delaware and Maryland!

Oil is a safer heating fuel than gas.

Oil is far less combustible than gas, despite the fact that it gets more heat per BTU. Oil will not ignite until it vaporizes, which does not happen until it reaches 140 degrees. And, if there is a problem with your oil furnace, you will have tell tale signs like odor, smoke and soot.

It is also a cleaner burning fuel.

The heating oil industry is continually working to upgrade its product. Continuing developments in the heating fuel industry have made heating oil cleaner burning. Oil heat produces almost no emissions. Also, the better maintained the system, the more cleanly the fuel burns.

Oil is a reliable energy source.

If there is a problem with a utility line, there is no telling how long it may take before the utility company can get it fixed. If there is a problem with a utility line, it can not only disrupt service, but in some cases may even pose a threat to nearby homes. Oil, on the other hand, is delivered by truck. If one truck goes down, another can be sent in its place.

It is a relatively inexpensive heating fuel.

Adjusting for inflation, the price of heating oil is pretty much consistent with what it was in the 1950s. These costs tend to stay low year over year, saving you money on heating your home!

It allows you to choose your own fuel supplier.

Because heating oil does not require a dedicated utility line to provide service, customers have a wider variety of options for their fuel supplier! Instead of getting stuck with an assigned supplier, you can choose a dependable oil delivery company like Peninsula to keep your home stocked with oil to stay warm all winter long.

Choose Peninsula for Your Home Heating Oil Delivery Needs in MD & DE

At Peninsula, not only do we deliver heating oil, but we also offer comprehensive HVAC services including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. With 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year and payment plans that respect your budget, keeping your home warm this winter will be worry-free.

To schedule oil delivery or to learn more about heating your home with oil, contact Peninsula online or give us a call at 302-629-3001 today!


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