Best Furnaces for Delaware Homeowners

When it comes time to look about for a brand new furnace system, you don’t really just want any old thing, do you? You want the best furnace! One that can meet all of your needs, do so efficiently, for many years, and more the most reasonable cost possible.

But how do you even go about getting all of that? Where do you really start? By consulting the experts, of course! Today the specialists at Peninsula are here to clue our Delmarva Peninsula clients in on the best furnace options, how to find them, and where to turn to get the best.

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Figuring Out What “The Best” Means

Interestingly enough finding the best system isn’t always about the biggest numbers, or even (thank goodness) the biggest price tag. When we say the best furnace, what we mean is the best one for you and your home. It’s important to understand that the perfect furnace is one that is sized specifically with your needs in mind.

Understanding AFUE

The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is the most common measurement of energy-efficiency for heating systems. To put it very simply, the higher the efficiency, which is typically expressed as a percentage, the more the furnace actually gets out of its fuel. Just to give you an idea you can look at it this way:

Your furnace takes in 100% of its fuel source (oil, gas, etc) and then converts it to heat expressed in BTUs. Say the furnace converts 92% of the fuel into heat, and the other 8% goes into a flue pipe or other exhaust. In that case this furnace has an estimated AFUE of 92%. Easy!

As a general rule of thumb you want as high of a AFUE as is comfortable for your budget, as you’ll get the biggest return on your investment in both comfort and in efficiency.

Sizing According to BTUs

BTU stands for the “British Thermal Unit”, which is the thermal unit typically used by the HVAC industry. In short, the BTU output of your furnace governs how much power it’s got going on. But you can have too much in this case! A furnace with BTU power in excess of what your home needs can cause a lot of energy problems, drastically bumping up what you pay on a monthly basis. It can also make the furnace wear down too soon, and can leave your home with cold patches where the furnace kicked off too soon.

Choosing the Best Carrier Furnace

All of the above points basically lead you to the right conclusion: you need professional guidance! Our experts work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure you get a furnace that is not just perfect, but perfect for you and your needs. You need a high quality, customized heating system. And that’s why we offer these Carrier furnace options:

  • Carrier Infinity® Series. The Infinity series boasts top-class results with AFUE ratings as high as 98.5%! Additionally they’re equipped with Green Speed tech for added performance.
  • Performance™ Series. An excellent mid-tier option, Performance offers AFUE of up to 96.7% and brings a lot of heating power to take on even the worst winter weather.
  • Comfort™ Series. The Comfort series shows that high efficiency can be achieved in any price range. With AFUE of up to 95% you get a great, reliable furnace system that won’t break the bank.

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