Do I Need Preventative Plumbing Maintenance?

Keeping things maintained is a major part of helping you keep costs lower and comfort higher in your Delmarva home. Plus, you’re probably quite familiar with most of the maintenance that needs to be done. HVAC (especially heating) maintenance is a big one, of course, as is keeping up with indoor air quality. But what about plumbing? Do you need preventative plumbing maintenance, too? Find out from the experts at Peninsula!

Plumbing Maintenance That Matters

Overall, it depends on what kind of plumbing maintenance you’re talking about, as well as who you’re getting the service from. Simply put, you should absolutely seek routine plumbing maintenance, especially services that focus on preventative solutions.

There are some things you need less often, such as seeking leak detection when you start noticing signs of a plumbing problem. But more rigorous and proactive services like drain cleaning and system inspections can provide you with more than enough perks to make getting it often enough worthwhile.

Benefits of Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

The biggest benefits coincide with the benefits of most maintenance services. Whether you’re talking about a car, your heating and cooling systems, or your plumbing, you seek routine inspections and cleaning in order to avoid problems and improve performance.

So what do you stand to gain from getting a plumbing maintenance service? We’re glad you asked! The advantages include:

  • Better plumbing functionality – With services like inspections and cleaning, you gain the benefit of water systems that perform the way they should. That means better water pressure, no drainage issues, and fewer annoying clogs.
  • Lower costs – Each ounce of extra water used per month means extra utility costs. If you want to ensure you’re only paying for what you’re using, then routine service is key.
  • Fewer repair issues and damages – Plumbing problems can range from insignificant to completely disastrous. A leak left too long or a burst pipe can mean tremendous water damage to a home, so preventing these issues is very important.
  • Improved plumbing system lifespan – Even smaller plumbing fixtures like a faucet can be a considerable investment. When you start talking water heaters or sump pumps, you’re getting into the big bucks. Ideally, these should last for decades to make the investment worthwhile, which preventative maintenance will help you achieve.
  • Air quality benefits – Whether you’re allergic to mold spore or not, the impact an infestation can have on your home’s healthy air can be awful. By reducing leaks and ensuring water only runs where it should, you can avoid mold outbreaks brought on by excess moisture.

How Often Should I Get Preventative Plumbing Maintenance in Delmarva?

The answer to this depends on the condition of your home. Older homes and older plumbing systems need routine care more often in order to stay up to date (which gives you even more reason to seek plumbing maintenance and replacement when it’s convenient to do so). The easy rule of thumb for most homes is yearly maintenance, but ideally you’ll work with a service team that provides comprehensive plumbing maintenance and can make a recommendation that best suits your unique home’s needs.

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