Fall Heat Pump Tips

Once the fall officially begins, nights start to get chilly and the reality of winter ahead sets in. So, how can you make sure your home is ready for the cold? The first thing you should do is check your heating system to make sure it’s in the best possible shape. After all, no one wants to find out their heater is broken right after the first frost of the season. You should always plan one season ahead to be sure that you’re proactively prepared for whatever the upcoming months may bring.

Fall Energy-Saving Tips

As the seasons change, it’s important to adjust your heating system so that you can keep your home warm and cozy for your family. However, the change in temperature also gives you the opportunity for more energy savings and cost savings! Check out these tips to keep the earth greener and keep more money in your pocket:

  • Open curtains – By keeping your curtains open during the day, the sun can warm your home naturally. This also reduces your need to keep the lights on since you’ll be able to see without them. Be sure to close your curtains at night to keep the cold out.
  • Cover windows – If your windows tend to be drafty—especially if you live in an older house—it’s important to keep them covered to make sure the heat stays inside. Use tight-fitting plastic sheets, tape, or shades to make sure your windows are sealed and weatherized.
  • Adjust thermostat – When you’re in the house, keep your thermostat on the lowest possible comfortable temperature. When no one is home, bump your thermostat down significantly (ideally 10 or 15 degrees) to save up to 10% per year on your energy bill.
  • Seal leaks – If you have leaks around pipes, widows, or doors, seal them so that you won’t lose out on heat. These small details can make a huge difference in the comfort of your home—and in your energy bills.
  • Schedule maintenance – Scheduling regular maintenance for your heating system is crucial in making sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. Get your heat pump checked out as soon as the seasons begin to change so that it is ready to go.

Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

Since your heat pump essentially doubles as an air conditioner and a furnace, you may think that it doesn’t need as much maintenance as two separate systems. However, you should treat heat pump maintenance in the same way—heating maintenance in the fall and cooling maintenance in the spring. That way, your system can operate at its optimum level for both functions, rather than just being moderately effective as a whole. After all, your heat pump is doing double-duty! Follow these steps to ensure your heat pump will be ready for winter:

  • Change or clean filters once a month (or as needed)
  • Clean coils when dirty
  • Remove debris from around outdoor unit
  • Dust supply and return registers and straighten bent fins

Schedule a Heat Pump Tune-Up in Delaware & Maryland

In addition to these basic maintenance steps, be sure to schedule a heating tune-up at least once a year to let the HVAC experts do a thorough inspection of your heating system. This will allow them to diagnose any potential problems that your heat pump may have and perform the necessary repairs accordingly.

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