Tips for Preventing Plumbing Issues During the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’re probably pretty excited and looking forward to plenty of fun with friends and family. The absolute last thing you want to deal with during your festivities is a plumbing problem! A leak or clog can quickly transform your good times to grumpy ones, which is why the certified plumbers at Peninsula are here to talk to you about preventing common holiday plumbing problems.

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Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

You’ll want to most closely watch and take care of areas of “high traffic,” or places that are seeing the most use. Keep a particular watch on the following.


More guests will mean a whole lot more traffic in the restroom area. For the most part, this shouldn’t be a massive issue since—assuming your toilet is in good shape—it should be able to handle most jobs just fine. However, we would highly recommend a drain cleaning or plumbing inspection if you haven’t had one recently, especially if you plan on hosting a large number of people. Cleaning and inspection services will help to establish good flow and will nip any looming clogs in the bud before they ruin your holiday.

Kitchen Fixtures

Take great care in what put in your garbage disposal. Though they’re an exceptionally handy and convenient appliance, they can also be very susceptible to clogging and jamming if the wrong items are placed in them. Avoid putting these in there:

  • Bones – Disposal blades are not quite tough enough to grind them up completely, which can lead to slivers of bone damaging your blades and clogging the drain.
  • Coffee grounds – Coffee grounds and other grainy substances don’t tend to drain down completely, leading to a slurry mess that will grow into a clog over time.
  • Fibrous vegetables and fruits – Most fibrous fruits and veggies (such as celery, potato skins, and banana peels) can wind around the base of your blades and cause a jam, which can lead to overheating or serious permanent damage.  
  • Fats and oils – Greases and fats should never go into any drain system. They cool and congeal rapidly, which leads to a ton of matter gumming up drains. This almost always leads to a clog, and oftentimes one you won’t be able to handle on your own.

Hot Water Use

If you’re planning on a large group of friends and family coming in for an extended stay, you might want to keep your mind on your hot water heater. If you use a tank hot water heater, you might run into longer recuperation times and a simple lack of supply. You can either set up a showering schedule to avoid the issue or look into installing an updated water heater.

Expert Plumbers in DE & MD

While the holidays can pose challenges, planned or otherwise, the thing you can always count on is that our certified and licensed plumbing specialists are always around to help. If you encounter a problem or you’re interested in plumbing maintenance, then Peninsula has the experts you can trust to get you the best solutions possible.

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