Home Flood Causes & Repair

Issues with plumbing are among the most frustrating and potentially costly ones to have in your Delmarva home. But they don’t have to be as bad as all that! The secret to keeping your home flood-free is to know what to spot, and who to call when a problem pops up.

A fast repair can often mitigate or completely remove the common risks of a plumbing issue. That’s why the certified plumbing experts at Peninsula come to you today to talk about the most common plumbing issues that lead to flooding, how to spot them, and when it’s time to call in the experts.

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The Most Likely Causes of Home Flooding

Short of full-on storms there are plenty of other ways for your home to run up against some flooding trouble. The following are the most common possibilities, and what to look for to identify them quickly:

  • Drain clogs. Drains are 100% responsible for ridding your home of used water. That means if they happen to clog up for any reason the water only has one place to go: back into your home! This can be really bad if a basement is involved, but even a sink with a slow drip and a clog can leave you elbow-deep in puddled water overnight. Watch out for any slow draining or “coughing” from your sink and shower drains. If you notice any at all, call in plumbing experts for a drain cleaning and clog removal service!
  • Sump pump failure. Maryland and Delaware both deal with some torrential rains from time to time. Because of this you’ve probably got a sump pump installed, which is a great idea. But just like any other appliance a sump pump can simply stop operating. To avoid this be sure to do a sump pump check every few months, and if you spot an issue be sure to call in an expert to remedy it before the next big rain.
  • Washing machine problems. Both clothes and dish washing machines are some of the most handy and efficient appliances out there. And they can both leak for pretty much the same reason! Y’see both of these appliances use a hose system to deliver water, and this hose is under tremendous pressure on a routine basis. This makes a rupture not exactly likely, but quite understandable. A rupture in this hose can blow water all over the home in a matter of a minute, so be sure to get appliances maintenance on a yearly basis to reduce the risk.
  • Faulty or damaged water heaters. No hot water heater, no hot water. So of course you have one! But when was it installed? Water heaters are one of the most common causes of home flooding, and most typically because they’re used for far too long. If you’ve had yours for ten years or more it’s wise to start getting them inspected frequently, or simply replace them now while you’re ahead!

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