How Trash Collection Works in Sussex and Lower Kent Counties

Keeping your home tidy and hygienic all comes down to what you do with your trash and waste. And if you life in Sussex or Lower Kent counties, you know that you need a service team that can back you up, supplying the reliable services necessary for perfect waste management.

But how exactly does all of that work, and what do you need to know in order to find the right team to meet your needs? Follow along with the experts at Peninsula to find out!

The Basics of Waste Management

A good team with the right set of services can keep your home and neighborhood clean and safe, but what goes into the process? And what even is the process?

What is Waste Management and Trash Collection?

At its base, the term “waste management” is a catch-all for anything involving the removal, management, or cleaning of home waste like common trash, recyclables, and junk (junk most commonly falls under the umbrella of used appliances, metals, mattresses, and other things of a similar nature). When we’re talking about trash collection in Delmarva we typically mean a weekly or bi-weekly service that simply comes to collect bagged or canned trash. A simple service! But a vital one.

How Does Trash Collection Work?

That depends on how you want it to work. A trash collection can be one of a few things, all serving the same goal. It’s about matching the right service with what suits your needs, which tends to depend on:

  • How much trash your home generates on average
  • The type of neighborhood you live in
  • Whether or not you require or prefer recycling
  • If you need routine junk removal
  • And a few other smaller things

So what services suit these purposes? At Peninsula, for example, we offer these trash collection services to our Delmarva clients:

Automated Trash Pickup

You’ve probably seen automated trash pickup at work in many major cities. With this service you load up a standardized container with bagged trash, wheel it curbside before collection day, and our automated trucks lift, empty, and haul. Rinse and repeat on a weekly or two-week schedule, and you’re set!

This service works best for: Homes or apartments where the curb is unobstructed, and for those who need additional assistance with trash removal. It’s also the quietest option available, helping to keep the peace in your Sussex and Lower Kent counties.

Semi-automated Trash Pickup

Semi-automated pickup is quite similar, but a manned craw can also grab up and remove trash in addition to the automated services. This is a great service for that added bit of care, since collection specialists can go the extra mile and get trash even when the curb is blocked by vehicles or similar constraints restrict the use of wheeled containers.

Recycling Services

Recycling is an awesome way to keep your home and neighborhood clean, and to help preserve the ecosystem—while also supporting reusing vital resources! It’s a great service, and we’re proud to offer it to our clients, as are all trash collection specialists. Our service is modern and single-stream, meaning you leave the sorting to us!

How Do I Get Trash Collection in Sussex & Lower Kent Counties?

All it takes is a click or a call—it’s that easy! The trash collection and waste management experts at Peninsula are here and ready any time you need us, whether it be to schedule ongoing collection services, or even for a one-off junk removal! Call 302-262-8254 or contact us online to learn more, or to get started!


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