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9 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bills

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High heating bills will do a number on your household budget, particularly if you’re living on a fixed income, living paycheck to paycheck, or just want to get better at saving. This winter has been no help, as the “polar …

The 4 Keys to Indoor Air Quality

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Rainy, wet springtimes often create a perfect environment for mold growth, which can make it hard to breathe and can drastically worsen the indoor air quality in your home. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to …

Which is Better: Oil or Propane?

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After a winter as cold as the one we’re having right now, many people start to wonder what the best type of heating fuel is best for their homes. And while there really is no definitive answer, there are definitely …

How to Store Trash Before Pickup

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Let’s face it—there’s probably no one out there who really enjoys taking out the trash (and if you do, kudos to you!). One of the hard parts about taking trash out is that even if you do it the night …

How to Recycle Antifreeze

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Antifreeze is a hazardous material that can cause serious harm to people, animals, and waterways. Fortunately, it can be safely recycled if you know what to do with it.

Interview with Richie Saunders, Service Manager

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This month, we’re talking to our HVAC Service Manager, Richie Saunders!

Pipe Inspections Made Easy

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Peninsula uses the Gen-Eye POD to get to the bottom of your pipe problems Drain cleaning and pipe repair are much easier when you can see where you’re going. That’s why we use the Gen-Eye POD pipe inspection system! The …

8 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

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The weather has been all over the place this winter—how’s your furnace holding up! Now is the time that a lot of people start noticing issues with their heating systems. So how do you know which of these issues are …

How to Avoid Emergency HVAC Repair Service

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With the recent polar vortex dropping temperatures into the single digits and lower, people across the country have been calling their local heating companies needing emergency service. At Peninsula, we offer 24-hour service for all of our customers in Delaware …

Should You Install a Heat Pump?

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If you’ve been thinking about replacing your furnace or air conditioner recently, you’ve probably heard about heat pumps and how much money they can save you. You’ve probably also heard about how they operate as a heater in the winter …


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