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Pipe Inspections Made Easy

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Peninsula uses the Gen-Eye POD to get to the bottom of your pipe problems Drain cleaning and pipe repair are much easier when you can see where you’re going. That’s why we use the Gen-Eye POD pipe inspection system! The …

8 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

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The weather has been all over the place this winter—how’s your furnace holding up! Now is the time that a lot of people start noticing issues with their heating systems. So how do you know which of these issues are …

How to Avoid Emergency HVAC Repair Service

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With the recent polar vortex dropping temperatures into the single digits and lower, people across the country have been calling their local heating companies needing emergency service. At Peninsula, we offer 24-hour service for all of our customers in Delaware …

Should You Install a Heat Pump?

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If you’ve been thinking about replacing your furnace or air conditioner recently, you’ve probably heard about heat pumps and how much money they can save you. You’ve probably also heard about how they operate as a heater in the winter …

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

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Are you planning on taking a trip with your family this winter? If so, remember to take proper precautions before leaving your home—specifically when it comes to your plumbing system! Frozen pipes can be a major disaster, so here at …

Benefits of Propane Heating

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If you’re installing or replacing your heating system, it’s a good time to think about the type of fuel you use to keep your heat warm. There are many available heating fuels, including natural gas, oil, and propane. Today, we’re …

Benefits of Oil Heat

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In addition to being among the most popular heating fuels in Delaware and Maryland, oil heat is one of the safest, most efficient heating fuels available. Fuel oil is very stable and non-explosive, with a higher BTU content per gallon …

Have You Inspected Your Sump Pump?

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With the heavy rain and snow we tend to get along the Delmarva during the winter, a sump pump is basically essential if you want to keep your home safe from mold and water damage. So with that in mind, …

Is It Time To Replace Your Water Heater?

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Your water heater is one of the most important things in your home. And it does a lot more than you might think! From hot showers and sinks to your washing machine and dishwasher, your water heater is one of …

What to Do When the Heat Goes Out

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At Peninsula, we pride ourselves on being able to provide some of the best heating services on the Delmarva peninsula. But we’re all familiar with those big snow storms that knock out the power, and with it, the heat! And …


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