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Pros & Cons of Carrier Zoned Systems

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Do some of your family members like their rooms toasty warm, while others prefer chillier temperatures? Instead of arguing over the thermostat, you may want to consider installing a Carrier zoned system in your home. This type of system lets …

Why You Need a Whole-House Humidifier

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Though both Maryland and Delaware are known for warm, sunny summers, as August comes to a close, it’s time to prepare for the much cooler (and dryer!) fall and winter seasons. When you kick on your home’s furnace, boiler, or …

The Benefits of Fleet Fueling Service

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Whether you’re in the transportation business, the construction industry, or any other field requiring your employees to drive themselves, chances are you’ve dealt with the headache that can come along with making sure that all of your company’s vehicles are …

The Benefits of Working with a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

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You already know that Peninsula is a company you can trust, because we have been serving the Delmarva community for more than 75 years. But we just earned even more of your confidence by becoming a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. …

The Benefits of Using Peninsula for Trash & Recycling Pickup Services

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Advantages of Our Trash Pickup & Recycling Collection Services in the Delmarva Area Imagine this: after a busy week of dinners, completing school projects with the kids, cleaning the house, and getting rid of junk mail, you’re left with a …

Best Emergency AC Services in Delmarva

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Murphy’s Law usually says that your AC will stop working on the hottest day of the year. There is nothing worse when you are inside relaxing only to realize your home is heating up quickly and the AC is not …

How Many Porta Potties Should I Rent?

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A significant amount of planning is required to stage a successful event or set up a work site, with consideration given to details both big and small. Even more so when the event in question is being held in a remote …

Easy Ways for Saving and Paying for Your Heating Costs from Peninsula

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The cost of energy rises and falls on a regular basis, and consumers are left wondering just how much it will cost to heat their homes. As if unstable energy prices don’t make budgeting hard enough, temperatures continuously fluctuate, making it …

Chili with Country Cornbread Recipe

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In this frigid weather, we all enjoy a nice meal that warms us up. And, with the Super Bowl just around the corner, what better meal is there to prepare than chili and cornbread? Enjoy it during the game or …

How to Deal with Frozen Pipes

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Despite the unseasonably warm weather we saw last month, it certainly feels like the middle of winter this month! Unfortunately, this drastic decrease in temperature increases the chances of your home’s pipes becoming frozen. If you turn on your faucet …


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