How to Reduce Waste Over the Holidays

The holidays tend to be a really busy time of the year, what with the food and family for days (or weeks) at a time. And while for the most part that’s really awesome and tons of fun. But then there’s the clean up. Tired of dealing with tons of trash and waste after the big day(s)? If so, Peninsula can offer you some pointers!

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Reducing Food Waste

Food waste probably accounts for half or more of the trash bags you wind up with by the end of the events. There are easy ways to avoid this! Try these:

  • Know what can go in your disposal. The garbage disposal is one of your best in home waste management tools. So be sure to use it! As long as you avoid fats and oils, bones, and fibrous veggies almost everything else is fair game. For easier and smoother grinding cut up waste food into small bits and you’ll soon be rid of tons of excess that no longer needs a bulky garbage bag.
  • Do some portion control. The average home makes way, way too much food. With a guest list and simple planning you can make only as much as you need, avoiding excess handily. Or if you just love the massive spread, plan to donate the remainder of your meal by reaching out to nearby nonprofits and food shelters. That way you can make everyone’s holiday a bit better.
  • Make leftover-friendly meals. Some foods just don’t keep for long, or very well (we’re sorry, deviled eggs!). So just don’t make them! Instead stick to items that reheat well or can combine into different meals the next day.

Rethink Your Wrapping

Gift wrapping paper seems almost necessary for the holiday season. But it doesn’t have to be! Instead make use of attractive reusable gift bags, boxes, tins, and stockings. They’re different, making them kind of fun, and you don’t have to stuff them into ten black bags when the gift giving is over.

Organizing Easier Cleanup

Before the guests begin to arrive set up a plan for how to handle waste items. Setting aside bins and carts for particular waste types can both make you more aware of how much waste you’re generating and can help in making the management and cleanup process far simpler. That means less trash and less stress once your family and friends begin to disperse.

Waste Management & Recycling in Delaware & Maryland

Even the best plans will give way to some measure of waste accumulation. So who can you call on to meet your waste management needs? Peninsula, of course! We provide complete recycling and trash pickup services for all of your Sussex and Kent County clients. Just dial 302-262-8254 or reach us online to set up a service!


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