Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

There’s just no real way of sugar-coating the fact that your air conditioner, while necessary, was a pretty large investment. So when the thing starts to putter along and barely cools a room much of anything, it’s immediately a stressful situation.

But it doesn’t have to be stressful! Knowing exactly when to replace your air conditioner can actually save you a whole lot. Want to understand the surefire signs of an upcoming replacement, and want to know what you stand to gain by doing it on time? Follow the specialists at Peninsula!

These Are the Best Times to Seek an AC Replacement

When Your Repair Costs Are Too High

Whether you’re dealing with a really high repair bill (like a condenser failure), or you just need repair services every single year, there’s just no reason to deal with these if replacement offers you better benefits. When you’re tired of dealing with repair problems, talk to your HVAC contractor about getting a cost versus benefits consultation!

When the Unit Is Just Too Old

Depending on what kind of air conditioning system you use, the lifespan of the unit might change a bit. 10-12 years is average for a central system, while a heat pump or ductless unit can push 15, maybe 20. And a geothermal heat pump system can last 40 of properly maintained! But for any system we recommend keeping a close watch on your air conditioner past a decade. If it starts to perform poorly or needs repairs all the time, go ahead and replace.

Your Bills Go Up Every Year

Are you floored every single time you kick on your cooling unit for the first time of the year? Does it feel like the energy bill gets bigger every year? Well, it probably does! As systems age they begin to chug along at a much slower and more inefficient pace. To counteract the problems it may be having, the unit draws more power, cools more slowly, and operates for longer periods of time.

All of this together results in you paying far more than you should be. Not only do modern cooling systems feature vastly superior comfort control and power, but they also operate far more efficiently, helping keep your costs to a minimum.

You’re Never Comfortable

As we said when we started this guide, air conditioning systems are a big investment. They were when you bought one, and they continue to be for their entire lifespan. To put it plainly, there’s no point in paying hundreds of dollars a month and still being uncomfortable. Maybe your current system is too old, maybe it was incorrectly sized, maybe it’s just he wrong fit for your needs. No matter the reason, replacing brings you peace of mind, lower costs, and ensures you actually get what you’re paying for.

Complete Air Conditioning Services in DE & MD

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