Why Is My Sink Filling Up with Water?

Turning on the water in your sink is something you do multiple times a day, often without thinking. Yet when the water starts to back up, filling your sink with crud from the drain, you find yourself wondering what to do. At Peninsula, our team of dedicated plumbers wants you to understand the potential causes of this common problem, and what you can do to fix them.

Potential Cause: Obstructed Dishwasher

The water from your dishwasher will flow through the same drain that your kitchen sink flows through. If you have an obstruction somewhere in your dishwasher, you may get a backup in your sink. Check the drain hose on your dishwasher to ensure you don’t have a kink or visible blockage.

Potential Cause: Jammed Garbage Disposal

If your home has a garbage disposal, a problem with the drain plug could be sending water back up your sink. The drain plug covers the hole where the garbage disposal connects to the dishwasher, and should be removed when the garbage disposal is installed. If it isn’t removed, it can cause a water backup. This is an easy fix. All you need to do is remove the drain plug to stop the backup. To prevent this problem in the future, have your garbage disposal professionally installed.

Possible Cause: Clogged Sink

A clog in the sink itself is one of the more common reasons for water to back up. Using sink cleaners and snakes in the drain can often unclog the sink drain. You can also schedule a professional drain cleaning to see if you can unclog the sink drain. If you don’t have success with these measures and suspect you have a clog, then you’ll want to call a pro.

Possible Cause: Blockage Farther Down the Line

Finally, if these steps don’t locate the cause, then you may have a blockage somewhere farther down the line. If you can’t reach the blockage with a snake, then you will need to have a professional come and take a look. The blockage could be something simple, like something you sent down the disposal that didn’t get chopped up quite enough, or it can be complicated, like a tree root that has entered the line. Regardless, if you can’t loosen the clog on your own with a snake or drain cleaning chemicals, you will need to call a pro.

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Water backing up in your sink needs to be addressed. You can’t function without a functional sink, and waiting isn’t going to cause the problem to go away. If you are struggling with this problem and can’t find the cause, contact Peninsula for help from a team of dedicated and licensed plumbers. Let us help you get to the bottom of your backed up sink.


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