How Small Leaks Cause Big Problems

Most of us have probably encountered them on one occasion or another—those little signs of a plumbing leak. Maybe it’s a slight drip in your faucet, or maybe a small water spot forming along your ceiling or wall. They’re just a minor problem, right? Nothing to call a plumber about right away? The certified plumbers at Peninsula would disagree! Today we want to talk about why calling a plumber ASAP should be your first priority—even for something small.

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Why are Small Plumbing Leaks a Big Deal?

Mostly the issue revolves around uncertainty and the fact that any time there’s a problem cropping up, be it HVAC, plumbing, or electrical, time is always the resource you don’t have enough of. Sitting on even a tiny little plumbing problem can lead to:

  • Extensive home damage. One of the big problems with a plumbing leak of any size is the sheer consistency of the water being dumped into your home. Even a tablespoon of water an hour means a tablespoon every hour. Waiting a week to get that issue fixed can lead to weakness in walls, along floors, and home damage that can cost you hundreds to get set right.
  • Larger plumbing problems than you expected. If you’re seeing wall, floor, and ceiling damage, the problem could actually be many times worse than it appears to be. Since most of your plumbing is in the walls, it’s hard to really determine what’s going on without an expert on hand. It might look or sound like a tiny drip, but in reality you might be hearing a small drip that’s resulting from a much larger problem that’s dumping the majority of the water somewhere else in the home, like a basement or crawlspace.
  • Impressive hikes in water bill costs. We’d put fair odds on your water bills being impressive around the time of a leak. And not in a good way! The worst time for a water bill is when a minor leak is present in your home.
  • Mold growth in the home. Were you aware that mold spores are actually very common in indoor and outdoor air? It’s true! Normally those spores just sort of flit around doing not much at all. But give them a warm, moist place to live and they start to thrive. Areas around leaks can take on extensive mold damage in very little time—with many infestations going out of control in a matter of hours, not days.
  • Electrical hazards. And last, but most certainly not least, water and your home’s electricity don’t mix very well. All a persistent drip needs to do to cause massive damage, and potentially an electrical fire, is drip onto an outlet or exposed wire. It’s a risk you just don’t want!

Expert Plumbing Repair with Peninsula

To sum up, it’s not about how small the leak might look. It’s what ignoring the leak can do to your home! The cost of a leak repair is small compared to the much larger issues that can come as a result of ignoring the issue, so just contact a trusted plumber to get it fixed!


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