Why You Should Test Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

It’s well established by now that indoor home air is many times more dense with all of the same pollutants that can be found in outdoor air. The dust mites, mold spores, pollen, smoke—they’re all present in your home, and there’s more of it than there is outside because it’s all stuck in the closed loop of your HVAC system! But this begs an important question: if we already know what’s in indoor air, what’s the point of an air quality test? Why not just grab a purifier and call it a day? Well, we would like to answer that question!

Danger of Pollutants: Depends on the Amount

The biggest purpose of an air quality test is to find out what is in your home air. Sure, the answer is going to include some measure of pollutants, but as homeowners we can all have wildly different concentrations of pollutants of varying types. In any given home you might find:

  • Unusual amounts of pollen. Homes that have air duct leaks or homes that keep windows open more frequently might have higher concentrations of common allergens like pollen or certain airborne pathogens.
  • High concentrations of VOCs. In our homes we use window cleaners, commercial dusting aids, porcelain polish, metal polish, shoe creams, hairsprays, cooking sprays and oils—the list can go on and on. And each and every home will use different products, and in different amounts. An IAQ test can clarify what of these are harmful in your home.
  • Potential chemical risks like carbon monoxide and radon. Though finding either of these in your home is a worst-case scenario, it’s also a very real one. Many homes every year are found to carry potentially risky or outright dangerous amounts of these. And you won’t know unless to take the steps to find them!
  • Mold infestations. Mold spores are readily found in most air in small concentrations. But given the right environment these spores can thrive, leading to massive infestations right out of the blue.

Air Quality Tests are the Ideal Way to Find Your Perfect Solution

So, air quality tests are for determining what your indoor air quality challenges actually are. And this has a very practical use! The problem with just grabbing a UV purifier, or a home air filtration system, is that indoor air quality products and services are typically focused on handling specific issues.

It’s impractical from both a cost standpoint and an actual problem-solving one to just get anything, since it can result in wasted money and a solution that isn’t actually addressing the issues you have in your home. Backed by the knowledge you can get from an air quality test, you can start tackling the challenges your home faces specifically, helping you save money and resolve the issues more effectively.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Delaware and Maryland

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