How to Know If You Need to Replace Your Gas Furnace

Furnaces don’t last forever. When your furnace has a minor breakdown or malfunction, you can often have it repaired rather than having to replace the whole unit. But when should you replace your furnace? How do you know that yours is nearing the end of its lifespan?

Signs Your Need To Replace Your Gas Furnace

The heating experts at Peninsula outlined a few signs you can look for when determining whether you should repair or replace your gas furnace.

It’s more than 20 years old.

If your furnace is crossing the 20-year mark, it’s probably not worth your while to spend money on repairs. If parts are starting to go, you can expect breakdowns to continue popping up until you’ve spent more on repairs that you would have on a new furnace! Furnaces made more than 20 years ago were not very energy-efficient, so upgrading to a new unit will also save you money on your gas bill.

Your home is not heating evenly.

Are some rooms in your home sweltering hot while others seem chilly? Your furnace may be struggling to keep up, or its connection with your thermostat may be failing. A new furnace will keep your home more comfortable as long as it’s properly sized and installed.

Your old furnace is very inefficient.

A few decades ago, most furnaces were only 70 – 80% efficient at best. That means you’re wasting a lot of gas, which is not good for your wallet or the environment. Today’s best furnaces are up to 98% efficient, and even lower-end models offer 92 or 94% efficiency.

There’s a lot of dust around your home.

If you’ve changed your air filter and your home still seems to get dusty very quickly, then it may be time to replace your old furnace. Aging furnaces sometimes emit soot and dust, which get scattered through your home when the fan turns on.

The furnace is making strange noises.

Do you hear a squealing, grinding, or banging noise whenever the furnace turns on? These noises usually indicate that there’s a problem with the blower motor. While your HVAC technician could just replace the belt, ball bearing, or other motor component that’s causing the noise, this is pointless if the motor is starting to show other signs of age and is expected to fail soon.

The flame is turning yellow rather than blue.

Your gas furnace’s flame should always be burning blue. If it is yellow or has flecks of yellow, this could mean your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. Turn your heat off and call the heating repair specialists at Peninsula immediately. If your furnace is older and its burner is no longer functioning as it should, replacing the furnace is often the safest, most cost-effective option in the long run.

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A new furnace is only as good as the technician who installs it! At Peninsula, our highly skilled technicians will ensure your furnace is installed for maximum efficiency, safety, and comfort. We will work with you to choose the best brand, size, and style of furnace to meet your needs.

Peninsula regularly works with gas-burning furnaces. We offer many different models in various price ranges and with various efficiency ratings. Our budget-friendly payment plans make furnace replacement more affordable. We’ve been in the business since 1935, and our goal has always been to provide our customers with reliable, trustworthy services.

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