Why Is My Toilet Not Flushing Properly?

Having trouble getting your Delmarva home toilet to flush, or tired of dealing with flushes that don’t quite seem to get the job done? The specialists at Peninsula are here to help you out! Our certified plumbers have deal with this common and agitating issue countless times, meaning we can clue you in on the long and short of what may be going wrong. Follow along to find out how to solve your toilet troubles for good!

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The Common Causes for Toilet Flush Issues

The first order of business is to determine what kind of flush trouble you’re having exactly. Toilets aren’t really a complex appliance, but nearly every aspect of them can lead to flush issues of some kind or another. Is your toilet flush too weak? Do you get “phantom” flushes? Or is the problem an overflow?

All of these happen commonly enough, so let’s talk about:

Flapper Problems

You’re probably seen your toilet flapper once or twice. It’s the small cover (most commonly rubber) that holds the water in your tank. When you flush you’re actually using a small chain or connector to lift the flapper, which then releases water in the tank and initiates the flush. Flappers can encounter quite a few possible issues over time, including:

  • Wear and tear. They’re built to last, but not to last forever. A flapper that has begun to wear down can cause phantom flushes (spontaneous refilling), as well as rob your toilet of proper flushing power.
  • Chain binding. If your toilet seems to flush not quite right, if the flush continues for longer than usual (or indefinitely), or if the flush refuses to initiate, it could be that the chain or attachment for your flapper has gotten kinked up or bound. This is an easy fix, and simply requires unknotting the chain.
  • Dirty toilet flappers. Accumulation of mineral deposits can also result in the same problems as a damaged flapper, creating a break in the seal and creating phantom flushes and weak flushing power. In this case all the flapper needs is a bit of cleaning and you’re good to go.

A Larger Plumbing Issue

The other really big plumbing issue you’re likely to encounter is one you’ve probably had a time or two—a clog. Simple clogs are easy enough to tackle on your own with a solid plunger. However, not all clogs are simple, or even near enough to the toilet drain to be impacted by the use of a plunger.

These deep clogs can be way down the line, even near the sewer line exit itself, and will require a professional’s tools to accommodate. However while it will take a plumbing repair call, our tools make easy work of it! That means you can be back to flushing normally in no time, and with minimal stress. It just takes a quick call.

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