Trash Storage Tips

Handling and storing trash is no one’s idea of a good time. But with proper care and preparation, the process need not be as obnoxious and smelly as it often ends up being! Looking for some great ways to reduce trash stress, funky odors, and disorganization with your home waste? Let the waste management specialists at Peninsula help you out with some quick and easy tips!

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Tips for Trash Organization

First up, getting that space organized and figuring out a “trash plan” can go a long way in aiding cleanliness and making trash storage far simpler. An easy way to tackle this is by:

  • Start recycling. Not only is recycling an awesome way to do your part in eco-friendliness, it’s also a great excuse to add a layer of organization to your trash! Trash and recyclables are separated into two different bins, reducing overflow and helping you keep track.
  • Labelling receptacles. Got a busy home where no one takes the time to pay attention to which receptacle they’re using? Grab up a permanent marker and get to labeling!

Tips for Reducing Trash Odors

Probably the biggest issue with storing trash is reducing funky odors and keeping pests at bay. After all, trash pick up is weekly at most, and in the meantime you’re stuck with all manner of mess in some plastic bags! Luckily there are some easy ways to address this:

  • Using chemicals or additives. For those of you that prefer a more natural approach baking soda does wonders when sprinkled on the top of a trash bag before you tie it off. For even better protection and spill resistance try a layer of clay cat litter in the bottom of the can!
  • Finding the right place to store the bin. Exposure to rain and sun (or worse, both in combination) are what takes some smelly trash and makes it truly rotten. Since you can’t keep the trash curbside until pickup day, look into constructing a trash storage shed. The project is quick, easy, and solves a lot of problems all at once.
  • Limiting pest and insect intrusion. The storage shed goes a long way in keeping vermin and bugs out of your bags. In addition look into getting a tight lid that can clamp onto the trash bin for added security against roaming dogs and curious scavengers.
  • Clean cans on a routine basis. A mild bleach and water or vinegar and water solution gets rid of compound odors that tend to get worse over time.

Ways to Reduce Trash Buildup

A great way to make the whole process about a million times easier is to simply generate less trash. One idea is to install a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is the quickest way to minimize both trash accumulation and trash odors. Two problems solved in one quick and easy job, and a good disposal can serve you well for years.

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