Types of Trash & Waste

Just recently, we spoke to you about how trash collection works, and we covered a bit about the basics of waste management. Today we’d like to go in a little further detail about the types of trash and waste. We’ll be covering official designations and some slightly more “unofficial” terms in hopes of helping you select the ideal trash and waste collection service to suit your needs!

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Why Does This Matter?

An important question! And sure, there’s a little bit of apples to apples in all this. But there are some very important distinctions in waste removal, and knowing which is which goes a long way in ensuring you get the right service to match your specific needs. In short, knowledge is handy for organization, it’s handy for knowing what you can and cannot lump together, and it’s handy in saving you stress and money.

General Trash Types

You might not think there are all that many types of residential trash to go over. But that’s actually not true at all! There are many distinctions, and these include:

  • Organic and general waste. The vast majority of waste we produce on a routine basis falls under this category. Organic and general waste would be anything from a gum wrapper to a banana peel, and the the stuff in between. This is typically the stuff picked up by a standard curbside trash pick up service.
  • Recyclable waste. Recyclables as a category encompasses inorganic and or non biodegradable products that can be repurposed or converted and used again. That typically includes plastics, aluminum cans, glass, some small types of junk, a few electronics, etc.
  • Yard debris. Had a few limbs chopped off your trees, or removed some shrubs? Or maybe it’s just the fall season and you’re doing some leaf raking. No matter the case, these would all fall under yard debris. No types of yard debris can be handled by a normal collection service, requiring a specific designated yard waste removal service instead.
  • Junk. This is one of those “less official” ones. The word junk is often interchangeable with other standard garbage, but many waste management companies classify junk as mechanical materials, small appliances, larger trash like mattresses and busted furniture, among others.
  • Construction debris and waste. Smaller-scale construction debris (like leftover caulk tubes or tape) can be bundled in with general waste. However larger materials like glass panes, sheetrock scraps, concrete, and similar materials often need to be hauled separately.

Trash Removal and Recycling Services in Delaware

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