Why Is My Furnace Really Loud?

Is your furnace rattling, clunking, or squealing up a storm? Any one of these can be scary, and for good reason. Furnace noises typically relate to some pretty significant problems, meaning you need to find the cause and a solution as quickly as possible. That’s why the pros at Peninsula are here to talk to you about furnace sounds and their causes.

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5 Different Furnace Sounds & Their Causes

Most unusual sounds your furnace can make will relate to a particular system or component. At first, that might seem problematic, but it actually makes solving your issue simpler. Before we begin, we would say that most noises are a big deal, and you’ll want to shut down the system to avoid further damage while you wait for furnace repair. That said, let’s go over the most common sounds:

  1. Screeching and squealing – Screeches and similar noises will typically involve a fan belt or set of bearings. These are somewhat common among furnace noises and can usually be handled with a simple belt replacement or bearing lube. Overall, not a problem you should have if you’ve been getting heating maintenance, but it’s a low-cost fix.
  2. Vibration or rattling – Vibration and similar sounds coming from ducts or the blower compartment are usually just a sign of metal sheets coming a bit loose or air attempting to escape from a leak. You’ll need a pro to help with leaks, but if you can locate a vibrating or rattling duct, giving it a tighten can usually handle the problem.
  3. Scraping, banging, clanks – Metal-on-metal banging and scraping noises are some of the worst you can encounter. This is typically a component that has broken or fallen out of place, with the source of the sound being the part literally banging around against the heating system. This is an emergency and needs to be fixed immediately if you don’t want to deal with an untimely furnace replacement.
  4. Clicking and or humming sounds – Rapid clicks and humming both indicate electrical component noises. Often, transformers make a humming sound normally, but this should be only barely audible. If the humming gets loud or clicking starts to accompany it, you’ve got an electrical issue that needs attention.
  5. Rumbling or odd “whumps” – You’ll only hear these with gas or oil furnaces, and if you do, you need to shut off the system right away. The problem stems from a combustion failure and can be very damaging—even potentially dangerous.

Furnace Services in Delaware & Maryland

If your furnace is getting on the loud side, or if you’re experiencing one of the sounds we talked about above, then you need a repair team you can trust. Peninsula offers complete furnace repair services, including 24-hour emergency service, so never hesitate to reach out to us for service. We want to ensure you enjoy a safe and warm Delmarva winter, so contact our certified furnace team today!


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