Financing Options with Peninsula

Peninsula's Plumbing Specials ButtonEnergy prices fluctuate. Fortunately, Peninsula Oil & Propane can provide you an option for stable prices and potential savings throughout the year, and especially in winter. It’s our E-Z Pay Plan.
Our E-Z Pay Plan spreads your annual heating cost into 11 even monthly payments. No more surprising bills. Now you’ll always know exactly what to expect each month, making household budgeting simpler!

Each month you’ll receive a comprehensive easy-to-read account summary showing any deliveries or other charges. No finance charge on your balance if timely payment is made each month. Plus an interest rebate of 2% will be paid on any credit balance.

For your further convenience, you may take advantage of our E-Pay Program, and have your monthly payments automatically deducted from your bank account. No writing checks or worrying about late payments!

When you join our E-Z Pay Plan, you’ll finally be able to relax, knowing you’ve taken control of your energy budget.

Service Advantage Program

This money-saving program has many advantages:

  • Price Protection: We cap your oil price, so no matter how high heating fuel prices rise, your price will not increase!
  • No Run-Out Guarantee: We keep track of the weather and the oil in your tank, and then schedule your deliveries so you won’t run out. You’ll always have fuel when you need it … or we’ll give you $50 – that’s our guarantee!
  • Comprehensive Service Coverage: If there’s a problem and your system needs service, you won’t face a huge repair bill. Our Premier Service Plan is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. It covers your system for dozens of expensive parts, and includes labor and an annual tune-up!
  • Prompt Service: We’ll respond to your emergency calls 24/7! If you lose heat, we will be there the same day – guaranteed!
  • Easy Payments: Spreads your annual heating cost into 11 even monthly payments. You always know what to expect, making household budgeting easier for you!

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