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specials-buttonDo you need furnace service in the Delaware/Maryland area? Peninsula has more than 75 years of experience installing, servicing, and repairing furnaces for your friends and neighbors in this region! You can depend on us for reliable, quality service.

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Types of Furnaces

We install and repair furnaces of all kinds—gas, oil, and propane. Each type has its own unique attributes.

  • Natural gas furnaces – The most popular home heating choice in the US, natural gas furnaces offer high energy efficiency and a long lifespan. Because natural gas furnaces can get the air to a higher temperature than other fuels, they save energy and usually cost less to operate.
  • Oil furnacesOil furnaces are known for their reliability and long lifecycle. Most new oil furnaces have an AFUE rating of around 83, which means that 83 percent of the fuel they consume is turned directly into heat! An oil furnace is a convenient choice for homes without access to a natural gas line.
  • Propane furnaces – Propane furnaces can have an AFUE rating of 95 or higher. Their compact size makes them versatile and easy to install in a variety of areas, and, like oil furnaces, they are a good option for rural homes that lack access to natural gas. Peninsula offers propane delivery service in Delaware and Maryland.

Furnace Service and Repair

We offer furnace service and repair throughout the Delaware and Maryland area. Being in the HVAC business for as long as we have means we’ve seen every furnace problem there is! Some of the most common furnace problems are:

  • Lack of heat – When your furnace stops heating, life at home gets miserable! A number of issues can cause your furnace to stop heating. The thermostat may be broken or improperly set, a fuse or circuit breaker may be blown or tripped, or there may be an ignition failure.
  • Inadequate heat – Sometimes a furnace is heating a bit, but not up to full capacity. This can mean that the furnace’s filters are dirty and need replacing, or that dirt or some other obstruction is impeding the flow of heat.
  • Turning on and off too often, or never turning off – If your furnace keeps switching on and then off, far more frequently than usual, it may be signaling a thermostat or blower motor problem, or perhaps a dirty air filter. If the furnace is going continuously, your thermostat may be incorrectly set, or the furnace’s fan limit control switch might be failing.
  • Noises – Is your furnace clanging, whining, humming, or grinding? Noises can indicate a number of problems, from a slipping blower belt to dirty gas burners. In any case, a checkup is necessary.

These are just a few of the problems you may be experiencing with your furnace. Necessary repairs vary depending on the make, model, and type of furnace. If you suspect you need furnace repair in Delaware or Maryland, call us at 302-629-30014302-629-3002.

Are Furnaces Safe?

Furnaces are safe to use when they are properly installed and maintained. It is HIGHLY recommended that you have your furnace inspected and serviced at least once a year to keep it clean and free of potential hazards.

Carbon Monoxide and Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces produce a very small amount of carbon monoxide when properly cleaned and maintained, and running at optimum efficiency. However, if your gas furnace is dirty and running poorly, it can produce a deadly amount of carbon monoxide. This is why maintenance and twice-yearly service are so important. Please read these gas furnace safety recommendations from AHRI, the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute.

Carbon Monoxide and Propane Furnaces

A properly functioning propane furnace does not present a carbon monoxide poisoning hazard, but an improperly adjusted propane furnace can result in the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The propane industry takes the issue of safety very seriously, as does Peninsula.

Carbon Monoxide and Oil Furnaces

Like natural gas furnaces, oil furnaces do not pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning when they are clean and running efficiently. This is why it is crucial to keep your oil furnace clean and in perfect working order.

We recommend that you install a carbon monoxide detector and alarm in your home, and that you familiarize yourself with carbon monoxide safety measures. If you ever have a question about carbon monoxide, please call us.

Furnace Installation in Delaware and Maryland

Peninsula installs natural gas, oil, and propane furnaces throughout the Delmarva region. If you need a new furnace, please contact us for a free estimate.

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