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Peninsula's Plumbing Specials ButtonDid it go out with a bang, or slowly putter to a stop? Whatever the case, your gas furnace is broken and you need gas furnace repair. Peninsula repairs all furnace types, makes and models – but before you give us a call, try a few basic furnace troubleshooting tips first. See if you can get to the bottom of it. If not, we’re here to provide gas furnace repair!

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Common Furnace Problems & Their Causes

If you’re experiencing one of the following furnace problems, don’t worry! It’s nothing our team hasn’t dealt with before. Check out the potential causes for each issue below.

Your Furnace Won’t Start

  • There’s no power: Check for tripped breakers or blown fuses and reset them.
  • The switch is turned off: Make sure the separate power switch located on or near the furnace is turned on.
  • The motor overloaded: Wait for 30 minutes to let the motor cool down. Then press the reset button, which should is near the motor housing. If the furnace still doesn’t start, wait another 30 minutes, and press the reset button again. Repeat at least one more time before calling the professionals for help.
  • The pilot light is out: Relight the pilot. If it won’t light, clean the pilot opening and try again. If you still can’t get it, you need a professional’s help.
  • There is no gas: Check the gas valve to ensure it’s fully open and the furnace is receiving fuel.

Your Furnace Isn’t Producing Enough Heat

  • The thermostat is set too low: Raise the thermostat setting 5 degrees.
  • The filter is dirty: Clean or replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • The registers are blocked or closed: Do a whole-house inspection, ensuring all registers are open and unblocked by furniture, drapes or rugs.
  • There’s a more complicated issue: If the system is imbalanced, blower belt is loose or burners are dirty, count on Peninsula to fix the problem.

Your Furnace Won’t Stay Lit

  • The furnace is overheating: A dirty filter could overheat the furnace and keep it from staying on. Clean or replace the filter to fix the problem.
  • The thermocouple is loose or faulty: Tighten the thermocouple nut slightly. If there is no change, call a professional to come replace the thermocouple.
  • The pilot light flame is set too low: Adjust the height so the flame is about two inches high.
  • The electric pilot is faulty: Only a professional can solve this problem.

Your Furnace’s Blower Runs Constantly

  • The blower control is set incorrectly: Check the thermostat to see if the fan is set to “on” or “auto.” Change it to “auto” so the blower only runs when the burners are lit.
  • The limit switch is set wrong: Contact a professional for help with this adjustment.

Your Furnace Is Making Loud Noises

  • An access panel is loose: Make sure all access panels are mounted and fastened correctly.
  • The belts need an adjustment: Sticking, damaged or worn out belts need to be adjusted or replaced by a professional.
  • The motor and/or blower need lubrication: Call a professional to lubricate the oil ports so everything moves smoothly and makes less noise.
  • The burners are dirty: Contact a professional to clean the burners.

Water Is Leaking from the Furnace

  • The condensate hose is kinked or blocked: High-efficiency condensing furnaces generate condensate, which could be the source of the water pooling around the furnace. Check the PVC fitting for debris. You may need a professional’s help to clear the blockage.
  • The condensate pan is leaking: A pan full of hot water under the furnace could be overflowing. Make sure the pan is draining properly. Contact a professional if you can’t pinpoint the source of the leak.

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