Sink Drain Cleaning in Delaware and Maryland

Are you worried about having company over because you’re anxious about visitors needing to use the clogged sink in your bathroom or kitchen? Don’t let your home be ruled by a slow draining sink! At Peninsula, we don’t think you should ever be embarrassed to invite friends and family over. That’s why we provide quality drain cleaning services, so you can feel comfortable in—and be proud of!—your home.

When it comes to a clogged sink, the experts at Peninsula have you covered! Call us today at 302-629-3001 for all of your drain cleaning needs in Delaware and Maryland.

What Can Cause a Clogged Sink?

Although a clogged kitchen sink and a clogged bathroom sink may be equally inconvenient, they’re not typically caused by the same issues. Peninsula will solve the mystery for you, but here are some ideas as to what could be causing your clogged drain:

In the kitchen…

  • Grease, oil, or fat: While these substances may go down your drain in liquid form, when they cool down, they harden and cause clogs.
  • Pasta, rice, and potatoes: These starchy foods expand when they sit in water and create what we like to call “drain glue.” This includes potato peels!
  • Large pieces of food: Simply put, they belong in the trash, not in your drain!
  • Small, non-food items: Accidents happen, and sometimes things that shouldn’t end up in the drain somehow do.

In the bathroom…

  • Hair: It’s no secret. Over time, hair collects in your drain and causes an obstruction. Some hair in the drain is unavoidable, but you should limit the amount that you wash down your sink.
  • Moisturizing soap: While all soap produces scum that can eventually cause a clogged drain, it happens much more quickly for those who regularly use soaps with added lotion.
  • Small objects: Again, some way or another, small objects may find themselves down the bathroom sink, and you find yourself with a clogged drain.

Rely on Peninsula for Drain Cleaning in the Kitchen or Bathroom

It may be tempting to try to use an at-home remedy or follow the directions in an online video to fix your clogged sink. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the best idea. Occasionally pouring hot water down your bathroom or kitchen sink will certainly help maintain clean drains, but it won’t always get the job done when you’re trying to clear an obstruction.

Harsh chemicals used for drain cleaning can actually cause serious, irreversible damage to your pipes. And, attempting to take apart the pipes in your bathroom or kitchen to find what’s causing the clogged drain can lead to messy, disastrous results and create an even bigger problem than a clogged sink. Like the list above shows, a clogged drain can be caused by a number of different things. So, for your safety, and for the safety of your home, it’s best to leave the drain cleaning to the experts.

Since 1935, Peninsula has been helping families in Delaware and Maryland keep their homes comfortable and in top shape. You can trust us to treat your space with respect and fix the issue with your clogged drain quickly. Call us today at 302-629-3001, or contact us online to learn more about our drain cleaning services!


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