Leak Detection in Salisbury, MD

Some of the most common plumbing problems we see on a daily basis involve water leaking from somewhere—the sink, the toilet, etc. Some of these leaks can be big problems: leaks behind drywall or under the floor may not be noticeable until they’ve caused major damage!

If you have a water leak somewhere in your home, call Peninsula—whether it’s a washer or rubber O-ring that needs to be replaced or a section of the pipe that needs to be dug up and refitted, our plumbers can pinpoint the exact source of your leak and repair it quickly and cleanly.

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Water Leak Repair in Salisbury, MD

When you have a leak in your home, you want it fixed fast. Leaks are inconvenient, can cause extreme damage to your home, and every drop that leaks costs you money! At Peninsula, we use highly accurate, minimally-invasive leak detection techniques to locate the exact source of the leaks in your pipes. If we find them, we can take care of the problem quickly, either by pipe replacement or by rerouting sections of your plumbing system. Call us today if you have any type of leak or piping problem in your home in Salisbury, MD, including:

  • Sink, shower, and toilet leaks
  • Leaks in the service lines
  • Leaks from broken lines
  • Leaky pools and spas
  • Hose, outdoor faucet, and sprinkler system leaks
  • Laundry, water heater, utility sink leaks
  • And more!

How can you tell if you have a leak?

If you have a hidden leak, you’ll most likely notice the symptoms of the leak before you uncover the leak itself. Some signs that you have a leak include:

  • Hot spots on the floor
  • The sound of water running, even when fixtures are not being used
  • Water coming from somewhere on the floor
  • Water coming from a low point on the wall
  • Hot water coming from a cold tap
  • Water heater that doesn’t turn off

Leaks can be inconvenient and expensive. If you need leak detection in Salisbury, MD, call Peninsula today at 302-629-3001302-629-3001 or click here!

Slab Leak Detection in Salisbury, MD

Slab leaks occur when a water line has failed under a slab foundation, and if they go untended they can do serious damage to your home. Slab leaks can be caused by chemicals in the soil that reacts with copper pipes and can cause them to deteriorate. This process is slow and can happen years after the slab and pipes are originally installed.

Slab leaks can also be caused by exposed piping coming into contact with unprotected lines, rebar, electrical conduits, or heating duct work. Friction causes the piping to become worn and leaky. Additionally, slab leaks may be the result of kinked lines or lines that have been accidentally damaged by a concrete worker or other contractor. The nick or indentation eventually wears through and causes a leak.

Pool Leak Detection in Salisbury, MD

Pool leaks can be very frustrating for property managers and homeowners alike. A pool leak can result in serious damage to surrounding buildings, and excessive water resulting from a pool leak can disturb the soil below the pool deck and can cause the deck to collapse. Successful leak detection and repair consists of information gathering and progressive leak detection, a step-by-step process where parts of the filter system plumbing and pool interior are tested in order to find the leak.

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