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Peninsula's Plumbing Specials ButtonHomeowners in Delaware rely on access to clean water on a daily basis, and any form of interruption can be a massive cause for stress and frustration. Are you dealing with the common problems associated with water main or pipe damage and clogging? If so, you can trust the certified plumbing team at Peninsula to offer top-class rooter services!

Our specialists have been proudly serving the Delmarva peninsula for decades, offering leading solutions that put your satisfaction and comfort first. When you need rooter services in Delaware or Maryland, no team can offer you faster or more accurate solutions.

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Video Camera Inspection for Tree Root Removal

To make the tree root removal process as smooth as possible, we start with a video camera inspection that will lead us directly to the site of the blockage. Once we find it, we’ll determine the best way to remove the clog and get your water flowing like normal.

How can you tell if you need rooting services?

Slow-draining fixtures – sluggish drains, slow-flushing toilets, and other drain problems throughout the house are clear signs that you have a root invasion in your sewer line. Since the problem is far down the line, plunging the toilet or trying to clear the drain with an auger won’t help either, and if they do the effect will likely be short-lived.

Patches of green in the backyard – when roots block distribution pipes of your septic tank, water may leak out and settle around it. This creates a hazard for humans and pets, but ideal growing conditions for grass and flowers, which will quickly absorb those nutrients and become noticeably greener and healthier than the surrounding vegetation.

Spongy or soaked lawn – if the main sewer line is blocked, water will likely overflow and seep into the ground. Eventually, the ground will become soft and muddy, even forming little pools of untreated water. This may be especially noticeable after a big rainstorm.

Odors – most of the time, odors from septic water are absorbed by porous soil. If you can smell them, this usually means the pipe is backed up and leaking.

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When Do I Need Rooter Services?

Luckily there are quite a few very clear signs that occur when rooter services are needed. If you can learn to recognize these, you’ll know when you need to call in the experts, enabling you to get the fast repair services you need to avoid further troubles.

  • Slow-draining fixtures – The problem can impact drains and toilets alike, making them drain and flush at a far slower rate than usual. This is especially the case if the issue is affecting all of the drains in your home.
  • Oddly verdant patches of grass – When distribution or main sewer pipes are damaged or clogged, a common result is a bleed of contaminated water into your landscape. The result can often be spotted by oddly rampant growth, especially of weeds and common flowers.
  • Spongy or soaked lawn – Patches of soggy soil or standing water are very common to pipe problems, and are often accompanied by vermin and pest infiltration in the area as well (mosquitoes and flies in particular).
  • Odors – The odor of sewer is distinct and readily noted. If you catch a whiff in your home or on your law outside, it’s time to call an expert asap.

Our Rooter Services

Rooter services from Peninsula offer you the most comprehensive solutions possible. We take your needs for service seriously, and are exceptionally thorough, remedying the issue from the ground up. All services being with a complete video inspection so that we can determine the “root” cause, and this then allows us to formulate the ideal solution.

The majority of jobs are completed with a combination of mechanical auger and completely safe chemical agents (no damage to grass, trees, or anything else—we promise!) to eradicate the roots local to your sewer and water lines.

Pipe Replacement with Peninsula

If we determine that your pipes are old, outdated, or far too damaged, our specialists may recommend updating your main line with modern PVC, which is resistant to damage, immune to rot, and can handle root infiltration with much more ease. Our team will discuss with you your best options!

Video Camera Inspection for Rooting Services

Our experts in Delaware utilize cutting-edge video surveillance tools for all of our rooter services and inspections. By having a clear eye down in the pipes, we can determine the best course of action that will provide you with perfect, efficient, and cost-effective results.

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