Weekly Trash Pick-Up in Sussex County and Lower Kent County

Are you in the market for clean, quiet, and dependable trash and recycling services? Look no further than Peninsula’s trash and recycling services! We understand that taking out the trash and recycling is the last thing on your mind when you’ve got a job, children, and a home to maintain. Let us do the heavy lifting and take care of your weekly trash and recycling.

Weekly Residential Trash & Recycling Services in DE and MD

Peninsula offers weekly trash and recycling services in Sussex County and Lower Kent County. We provide a complimentary 96-gallon trash receptacle, and all you have to do is put it out on your pickup day.

We recognize that you have a choice when it comes to trash and recycling pickup. Peninsula is Delaware and Maryland residents’ go-to service because of our convenience, flexibility, and dedication. We will always work to accommodate your needs – just give us a call if you have extra trash or an oversized item and we will help dispose of it properly.

Automated and Semi-Automated Trash Pickup

We offer two styles of trash pickup in the Delmarva Peninsula: automated and semi-automated. Our automated curbside collection uses a truck with an extendible arm to pick up your garbage can, empty it, and set it down carefully. This reduces noise and impact on your neighborhood, and allows us to proceed through collection more efficiently. For automated pickup, please ensure that your garbage can is facing the street with the lid closed, and that there are at least 10 feet of clearance from objects like mailboxes, vehicles, etc.

Semi-automated trash pickup utilizes our waste pickup professionals. Our team guarantees a careful removal with no spills or messes. This approach is ideal for neighborhoods with street parking or other common street blockages. All you have to do is place your can(s) in the designated collection area by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day – we’ll take care of the rest!

We ask that you ensure each bag of trash not exceed 50 lbs. Should you need to dispose of an item heavier than 50 lbs., please write “HEAVY” on the item for the safety and consideration of our employees.

Convenient Recycling

Gone are the days of sorting paper from plastic. We offer single-stream recycling services for your convenience; no sorting necessary. All you need to do is place your items in a recycling receptacle or bag and put it out with your trash – leave the rest to us! Read the list of approved recycling items to see what Peninsula can and cannot accept.

We are committed to getting your recycling to a recycling center. We know that recycling is an eco-conscious choice and we promise to honor your commitment to the environment by recycling your items properly.

The Peninsula Guarantee

At Peninsula, we pride ourselves on not only providing great services, but also satisfying our customers. You can depend on us for high quality and incomparable value. We promise to be quiet and respectful of both your property and your neighborhood. We happily guarantee a clean pickup – no more trash littering the driveway or a busted mailbox as a result of sloppy work.

We value our reputation among customers on the Delmarva Peninsula. We believe our commitment to your satisfaction makes us the best at what we do. Contact Peninsula to get your weekly trash and recycling set up today!


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