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Video Camera Inspection for Rooting Services

To make the rooting process as smooth as possible, we start with a video camera inspection that will lead us directly to the site of the blockage. Once we find it, we’ll determine the best way to remove the clog and get your water flowing like normal.

How can you tell if you need rooting services?

Slow-draining fixtures – sluggish drains, slow-flushing toilets, and other drain problems throughout the house are clear signs that you have a root invasion in your sewer line. Since the problem is far down the line, plunging the toilet or trying to clear the drain with an auger won’t help either—and if they do the effect will likely be short-lived.

Patches of green in the backyard – when roots block distribution pipes of your septic tank, water may leak out and settle around it. This creates a hazard for humans and pets, but ideal growing conditions for grass and flowers, which will quickly absorb those nutrients and become noticeably greener and healthier than the surrounding vegetation.

Spongy or soaked lawn – if the main sewer line is blocked, water will likely overflow and seep into the ground. Eventually, the ground will become soft and muddy, even forming little pools of untreated water. This may be especially noticeable after a big rainstorm.

Odors – most of the time, odors from septic water are absorbed by porous soil. If you can smell them, this usually means the pipe is backed up and leaking.

Roots in Sewer Lines

How do roots get into sewer lines? As plants and trees grow, their roots spread out in search of water and minerals. The moisture in sewer lines and pipes attracts these roots, which can grow into even the tiniest hairline cracks. As the roots branch out, so does your problem! Roots in sewer and wastewater pipelines can cause major backups and clogs, as they trap material that should be flowing through the pipes. Older homes and buildings are more susceptible to root blockage because their aging pipes are often made from cast iron, clay tile, or an asphalt composite, and the ground beneath has had more time to shift and contract.

If you suspect tree roots in your sewer lines in Delaware or Maryland, call us right away at 302-629-3001302-629-3001.

How Rooting Works

We start every rooter service with an inspection of the problem areas. In most cases, our service technician then uses a mechanical auger to cut through and remove the roots in the drain. However, this only takes care of the symptoms. In order to stop roots from growing back into your sewer lines, we kill them with a chemical agent. The chemical process will not harm your pipes or your trees.

Depending on the age and condition of your pipes, we may recommend removing them and replacing them with plastic pipes, which have joints that are impervious to roots.

Preventing Sewer Root Problems

Before starting a landscape project at your home, use the national “Call Before You Dig” hotline at 811 to get the location of your underground utility lines. This will help you design your landscaping around your sewer pipes and other utilities. You can also spread slow-release chemicals, like copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide, along the sewer line to prevent roots from growing into the pipes.

We recommend that you have your sewer lines inspected annually to get ahead of any root growth before it gets serious.

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