Yard Waste Removal Options

Curious about your options for yard waste removal? Homeowners and contractors in Delaware can:

  • Rent a roll-off dumpster from Peninsula and dispose of all yard waste in that container
  • Handle the yard waste themselves by composting and mulching on their own property
  • Take it to a drop-off facility themselves (see more here)

Learn more information from the Delaware Solid Waste Authority »

What Counts as Yard Waste?

Any plant material that comes from lawn maintenance, gardening, or landscaping counts as yard waste. This includes:

  • Grass
  • Leaves
  • Prunings
  • Brush and shrubs
  • Garden materials
  • Christmas trees
  • Tree limbs up to 4” in diameter

About the Delaware Yard Waste Ban

Sending yard waste to regular trash collection or landfill is banned in the state of Delaware. The Delaware Solid Waste Authority sees yard trimmings as a resource, rather than a waste to be sent to a landfill. Setting stricter policies for what homeowners can do with yard waste ensures that the trimmings are taken care of properly and helps us use and buy mulch and soil conditioner from our own state (rather than buying from out-of-state while our yard waste sits in landfills).

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